Yoga Testimonials

I have taken yoga classes with Dylan for about 3 years. Her classes are a perfect balance of physical demands with a meditative quality. Dylan uses her impressive skills of yoga and teaching to create a great class atmosphere with her soothing voice, adjustment of poses, and great music. My body is more limber and stretched out as a result of my time in her classes. I have taken classes with MANY other instructors and find her instruction and class atmosphere to be top notch.

~ Judy Zeeman-Golden

I’ve recently begun to take Yoga classes more consistently than in the past. I find the classes taught by Dylan to be wonderful. She solicits requests from participants, shapes the class in response to those needs, and is very willing to give individual guidance and feedback. Her upbeat temperament and calming voice add much to the experience. There is no sense of a rote or routine recitation of poses, rather a response to the feelings of the class in the moment.

~ Lissa Werner, Yoga class participant.

I’ve been a senior citizen for a long time. As the years pass, I need to change my exercise routines to accommodate my changing body. Determined to seek a yoga class, I tried several at the JCC. It took me longer than the others to follow directions, so I was always a step behind. And I could get down for a pose, but had difficulty getting up, and the thin mats did not cushion my body without discomfort. I was discouraged. Then I found Yes You Can Yoga! Enrolling in this class has far exceeded my expectations! Yes, I can follow the instructions with ease. Yes, the pace gives my body time to assimilate the poses without discomfort. Yes, I feel the mind-body peace that yoga promises and leave the class feeling young at heart. Dylan Mariah orchestrates this class so that each of us is able to do the poses to our own ability. By giving alternate ways of doing each pose, we can pick the one that we can do. And each success builds a bridge to other successes. The experience is greater than the sum of these words.

~ Rita Barton, Chair Yoga participant, 2010 & 2011

Dylan is an excellent teacher. Her classes are relaxing, revitalizing, and tuned just right for the ability and needs of the students.

~ Jen Greenwald, Gentle Yoga student

The tone that Dylan sets for each class, integrating her expertise with students needs, strikes just the right balance. She is encouraging, adjusting poses as necessary, while at the same time allowing participants to explore their own poses.

~ Margaret Berliant, Yoga student, Rochester, NY

The first exercise that I began doing was a water aerobics class with Dylan. Then I learned to swim, started taking yoga with Dylan, and began using the equipment at the gym. That was years ago, and I now do regular exercise, swimming, elliptical, weights, and still take Yoga classes with Dylan. She continues to be an inspiration to me and helps me believe that I can always do better.

~ Susan Roberts-Grew, Fitness and Yoga class participant

Dylan’s classes are a perfect balance between challenging her students yet inviting them to find peace in every pose. Her engagement as a teacher is so deep that one’s practice becomes focused, calm, and rejuvenating. You leave her class both revitalized yet relaxed.

~ Sylvia Rose, Rochester, NY

Dear Dylan! It’s great to have the ability to tell you about my attitude towards your lessons and the visible results of it . Every time, when the class ends, I feel much younger. Monotonous thoughts disappear, my joints don’t disturb me, and I’m ready to walk and walk (usually I have to overcome some pain while walking). It would be wonderful if these brilliant lessons could be two times a week. It is my dream. I don’t know if it is possible. But may I have a dream?

~ Yelena Zaslavskaya, Chair Yoga class participant, Rochester, NY

Yoga has been helpful to me in becoming more in touch with my body. The increased body consciousness has somehow had a calming effect. This is very important to me as I carry a lot of tension in my body. There are times in class that I feel totally integrated — both mind and body — into my body. Nice. For me, the success of any class depends on the instructor. Actually, I checked out a few different yoga classes before joining this class, and I decided to join based on Dylan. Her tone, her attitude, her actual words — all are informing and make sense to me. And I appreciate her humor.

~ Joan Edelstein, Chair Yoga class participant, Rochester, NY

For many years, forced by multiple health problems, I have been looking for a way to improve my health and well-being. Once I even had a chance to try yoga. That was yoga on a mat and, at my senior age, that was not a success at all. But I felt totally different as I met Dylan at the chair yoga class. Encouraged by clearly explained, gentle chair exercises, and her calming voice, I thought: “Yes, I can do yoga. This is the teacher I need.” After every yoga class, I feel fresh, stronger, flexible, and relaxed. The chair yoga class with Dylan is an excellent opportunity for the elderly and people with restricted mobility.

~ Klara Shadunskaya, Chair Yoga class participant, Rochester, NY

My first experience with Yoga was unsuccessful. Due to my age, I couldn’t do it on the floor. I tried to find something suitable for myself. For a while, I have used the “Yoga for the rest of us with Peggy Cappy” on DVD. Last year at JCC, I ran into an ad “Yes You Can Yoga”, which sounded very promising to me. And when I met Dylan, her teaching exceeded all my expectations. The class helps me to improve my flexibility, gives me a feeling of revitalization and relaxation. And what is very important, Dylan is always focusing her attention on everybody’s abilities and needs. Chair yoga with Dylan is an excellent choice for the rest of us.

~ Sofia Ravin, Chair Yoga class participant, Rochester, NY

I have been going to Dylan’s pilates and yoga classes for a couple of years now. I’ve had shoulder and back surgery and, thanks to the yoga classes, I have been able to get back to normal. Dylan is a wonderful, caring teacher. When you go to her classes, you feel welcome and not intimidated.

~ Carmen Santiago, Power Pilates and Mixed-Level Yoga class participant, Rochester, NY

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