Meditation CD Testimonials

I have enjoyed listening to the guided meditation “Relax into Wellness” by Dylan Mariah. This CD includes 4 guided meditations so you can choose which one suits your needs at the moment. Her voice is soothing and the meditations flow easily. I can shut my eyes and be transported to a space beyond myself where I can relax and let go of stress and allow my mind and body to heal. This CD is excellent, especially if you are just beginning to meditate. I highly recommend it.

~ Mary Record, Rochester, NY

This is a wonderful meditation CD. Whether you’re new to meditating or practice meditation regularly, this CD has something for everyone. This CD contains 4 beautifully guided meditations, each one between 15 and 20 minutes long. Dylan’s soothing voice will first guide you to a relaxed state of mind through breath. As you breathe slowly, your body will relax as Dylan gently leads you to a place of peace and relaxation. Each of these meditations brings forth profound healing of body, mind, and spirit. I highly recommend this CD.

~ Noelle Carvotta, Rochester, NY

This is the best collection of professionally-made meditations I’ve found so far. I especially liked Vacation from Stress. I also liked the option of choosing between shorter or longer meditations to fit my schedule. Overall I found the energy of the CD to be very relaxing and different from other meditation mp3s I’ve tried.

~ Dave Cornell

I really enjoy these meditations, and I hope that Dylan Mariah records more in this series. She has a soothing voice and I enjoy her choices of background music; it really enhances the meditation and is so relaxing. The imagery is beautiful and allows me to create my own healing space. These meditations leave me feeling more centered and peaceful, and I seem to have much less stress, tension, and worry in my life. They’re very calming. There isn’t one guided meditation on the CD that I do not find enjoyable or beneficial.

​~ Amy Steidle

This meditation CD I got from Dylan is truly amazing. Dylan’s voice alone is so calming and these guided meditations allows for me to really become more peaceful, calm, and balanced. Every time I meditate with Dylan I undoubtedly feel more calm and less tense. I enjoy them so much that I’ve added the CD to my iTunes so that I can bring these meditations anyplace that I go.

~ Lily Coleman

I absolutely love Dylan’s new guided meditation CDs. If you are new to meditation, you will appreciate her directions about preparing and ending each session. Her soothing voice guides you gently through wonderful relaxation and healing experiences. They leave me feeling calm, renewed, and ready to greet my day!

~ Kathy Manikowski, Energy Healer and Teacher

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