Transformational Counseling

Transformational Counseling is a creative and holistic approach to addressing mental health concerns which integrates traditional psychotherapy with body-centered techniques and guided meditation.

Sessions may include discussion, processing, meditation and imagery, body awareness exercises, role play, affirmative statements and intentions, and other holistic approaches to promoting positive life change.

Each session is geared to meet the unique needs of each of her clients and seeks to enrich and support in meaningful ways that allow clients to continue their therapeutic process on their own.

All counseling sessions and other services are confidential and conducted with an attitude of deep respect for the client and their innate self-knowing.

Individual Counseling

Individual sessions are held at Dylan’s office in Pittsford, New York, or in the home if clients are unable to come to the office. Dylan has specialized in the unique counseling needs of both women and seniors and often works with clients who are coping with chronic illness or challenging health concerns.

All clients are supported in making positive life-affirming choices and changes at their own pace and in alignment with their personal beliefs.

Couples and Family Counseling

Whether you have reached an impasse in addressing a conflict in your relationships, or you simply wish to enrich your life together, Dylan is available to assist you. Dylan is committed to helping couples and families clarify their concerns, find positive solutions, and receive the emotional support they need to achieve them.

Regardless of the area of conflict, productive and creative ways will be found to negotiate differences, improve communications, and achieve relationship success.

Group Counseling

Dylan offers group support for achieving individual goals. Through structured exercises and spontaneous sharing, group participants will have opportunities to develop social and communication skills and resolve individual issues.

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To know current Transformational Counseling prices or to schedule an individual counseling session, call Dylan at (585) 200-4646 or email her at [email protected].