Health & Fitness Education

Health Education

Dylan is a registered nurse with many years of experience and study in health and wellness. She has worked as a rehabilitation, general medicine, geriatric, and psychiatric nurse and offers health screenings and health education for private and business clients.

She also presents workshops and classes on stress management, meditation, and healthy eating at local fitness facilities and in her private practice. She has been a regular presenter for NCADD/DePaul for many years on topics related to addiction recovery, including yoga and recovery, the brain in recovery, and natural aids to recovery.

Dylan’s passion in her nursing, health, and fitness education work is to help people make sustainable lifestyle changes and to enjoy the process.

​​To contact Dylan about offering health education or health screenings for your staff, call (585) 200-4646 or email her at [email protected].​

Health and Nutrition Coaching

Dylan offers private coaching to support clients in identifying areas of concern and taking action to improve their diet and lifestyle activities. Education is offered about the effects of diet and exercise on mental and physical health, and strategies for making needed changes are explored. 

Fitness and Zumba® Classes

Dylan has been a certified fitness educator for many years and is a licensed Zumba® instructor. She teaches a variety of mixed ability and age classes, senior fitness formats, Zumba®, and specialty exercise classes at local community centers, corporate locations, and fitness facilities.

Please contact Dylan for information about her current class schedule, check the “Schedule” page, or go to for the current Zumba® class list.