Sound Healing & Cymatherapy Testimonials

Hi, my name is Dennis Smith, aka Coach “D”, President and owner of Forensic Fitness in Rochester, NY. I teach 20 fitness classes over 7 days a week and I work in a factory on hard non-giving concrete for 50 hours a week! I rarely if ever take time off; I can’t afford to. Recently I was diagnosed with soft tissue inflammation throughout my entire left foot, toes, and ankles. I woke up to searing, constant, and unrelenting pain, and could not put any pressure on my foot. I was very concerned; how am I gonna get to work? Can I work ? How serious is this? My doctors said it would be almost a month before I could teach again and the pain medication was not helping the pain at all!

When Dylan heard about my injury, she contacted me, offered to help, and told me about the Cymatherapy that she offers. Dylan had long been a mentor to me in the fitness and health fields and had been my instructor for my personal trainer certification so I jumped at the opportunity to try it! We scheduled an appointment and Dylan started sending me distance Reiki. Well let me tell you, the night before our appointment, the pain was greatly reduced, on a scale from 1 to 10 it had been staying at 9 (or 15!) and that morning it was about a 5, no more constant pain and no more spasming sharp pains! I thought, since I was resting more, that might be what was helping and I almost didn’t go to the appointment, thinking that I was better. When I got there (by the way I was on crutches), Dylan gave me Reiki with Cymatherapy and soon the pain was gone. I was just blown away at the simplicity of it all.

Dylan is an amazing health care professional offering cutting edge sound healing technology, aromatherapy, and energy healing. Keep an open mind, relax, and get out of your own way! This works! I walked out of there crying with joy. Oh, and guess what….I almost forgot my crutches!

~ Dennis Smith, Rochester, NY

Thank goodness I met Dylan, and Dylan introduced me to Cymatherapy Energy Healing. With Dylan’s experience, energy healing, and Cymatherapy, I am sleeping through the night. No waking up every hour to just roll over and go back to sleep. It had been over 20 years since I could sleep straight through the night. I no longer feel tired all the time. I have energy and feel great.

~ C. Fleming, Lima, NY

I have experienced a few sessions using sound healing with Dylan. I went in not knowing quite what to expect. It was very relaxing to say the least and after the session was over, it took me a couple of hours to realize that my back, which has not been straight in many years, was now straight. What a wonderful feeling to be able to stand and walk straight and not be so rounded when seated. I also suffer with much pain from M.S. After another session, I felt much relief from the daily pain from this disease. My headaches have somewhat subsided as well. I would highly recommend that you try this for yourself. I think that you too will be amazed.

~ K.B., Fairport, NY

I really enjoyed the Sound Healing Workshop with Dylan. It was not only an opportunity to learn about the benefits of Sound Healing, it was an experience. Dylan’s informal, yet professional manner in which she delivers information helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable. She was able to integrate her broad knowledge of holistic health and wellness into our workshop in a way that was easy to understand and process. I look forward to her upcoming workshops and trainings.

~ Debbie Smith, Victor, NY

I have had several sessions with Dylan. She is very intuitive and integrates Cymatherapy with energy healing and counseling. Her insight and the manner in which she accomplishes this just is truly amazing; my results have been equally amazing. I feel better then I ever have in my entire life.

~ S.E., Penfield, NY

I can’t say enough about my Cymatherapy sessions with Dylan. When we began our sessions several months ago, I was anxious all of the time and I was on an anti-depressant that I had been on for more than 12 years. Dylan is very intuitive and she tailors each Cymatherapy session to my needs at that time. She begins each session with conversation to see what I need to address during our session, and how I’ve been doing since my last session. Dylan often hones in on what I need before I do. Thanks to my Cymatherapy sessions, I am now sleeping  better through the night than I have in many years, and the sinus headaches I had on an almost daily basis are almost non-existent now. I am pleased to say that I have successfully been off of my medicine for more than 6 weeks with no noticeable side effects. I credit my success with this to my Cymatherapy sessions. I’m much more focused and at peace than I have been in a very long time. I feel like I have finally have my life back. I highly recommend Dylan’s Cymatherapy for an issue, illness, or pain that you are dealing with that you would like help with. Thank you Dylan!!

~ Noelle Carvotta, Rochester, NY

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