Yoga & Meditation

About Dylan’s Yoga Classes

Dylan’s yoga classes and private consultations offer a unique blend of approaches enhanced by years of personal spiritual work and meditation. Her classes are infused with a deep understanding of the dynamics of positive change and the spiritual foundation of yoga within a unique, user-friendly approach. All of her classes are a creative blend of the best of Kripalu, Iyengar, Vinyasa flow, and Hatha styles of yoga and are geared specifically to the needs of participants. Her teaching is also influenced by Baron Baptiste’s approach to using the practice of yoga to enhance personal empowerment.

Dylan offers mixed-level, beginner, gentle, restorative, and specialty yoga classes. Each class offers a unique opportunity to experience the best of traditional yoga with a contemporary, personal growth orientation. You will experience yoga asanas to warm up, strengthen, lengthen, and support healing of the body. Flowing movement or holding poses in stillness facilitate increased stamina, focus, improved alignment, and relaxation. Breathing techniques, meditation, inspirational readings, bandhas, mudras, sacred sound, and creative movement will further deepen your experience.

Chair Yoga Classes

Dylan offers chair yoga classes designed to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for people of all abilities. Each class offers seated and standing options and includes a warm-up, joint mobility movements, poses to build strength and flexibility, meditation, and relaxation. Classes are designed to enhance functional fitness, balance, movement efficiency, and mindful awareness. 

Drawing from traditional yoga, senior yoga fitness, and motivational enhancement techniques, participants are supported in finding the correct experience to meet their unique needs. Regardless of age, level of health, physical activity, or ability, participants will derive great benefits from participating in these classes.

For a list of current classes, see the schedule.

Meditation Classes

Dylan offers in-person and online meditation classes, pre-recorded guided meditation CDs, and free online guided meditations. She teaches a wide variety of meditation techniques and helps people find effective ways to build a sustainable meditation practice.

At this time, Dylan offers a twice-monthly 75-minute Guided Meditation Class on Wednesday evenings on Zoom. Participants are guided in the use of yoga, stretching, mindful movement, tapping, self-massage, and other tools to enhance relaxation and prepare for meditation. For more information about the meditation class, email Dylan at [email protected].

Watch or listen to Dylan’s meditations on Youtube.

For a list of current classes, see the schedule.